Coton and Hopwas Social Club
School Lane, Hopwas, Tamworth, Staffordshire,B78 3AD

Telephone 01827 62684

Membership Fees £10
with effect from 12th April 2017

Coton & Hopwas
Social Club
welcomes new members

New Members download an application form

word.doc (33MB)

PDF.file (13KB)

BY THE END OF FEBRUARY EACH YEAR. prior to January 2018
Failure to do so means you will have to re-apply for Membership


It has been proposed that the Club should offer a system to Members by which they
can automatically renew their Membership by Bank Standing Order.
If you should wish to take up this opportunity please
and put Standing Order in the Subject Box.
You will be contacted by email with further details prior to January 2018.

* * * * * * *
If you are aged 65 years or over
and have been a member for 5 years or more
you are entitled to honorary life membership

Please apply in writing to the Secretary


Coton & Hopwas Social Club 2017